Punaisten kammioiden kylästä johtaa tie Punaisiin KammioihinAdventure 19: Grave of the Old Ones

The heroes continued their journey towards the Red Dungeons. The dungeons were somewhere north from Stoel, but no-one seemed to knew where exactly. Nor did anyone knew what was waiting inside.

The grace of Light led the priest to the village of Red Dungeons where the heroes meet new challenge. How to enter Red Dungeons when the Brotherhood of Light was guarding the entrance. The problem was even more difficult because the heroes didn't had a good reputation among them.

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Muppets heroes decided to take the straight road; they went to the keep to speak the priests of brotherhood. Because of Jack plain speech the priests allowed the heroes to enter Red Dungeons and - frankly were pleased to get rid of the heroes.

Slashing heroes didn't dare to speak the priest because with them was two elves, Zayin and a priestess of light. They decided to go north to help the farm people who suffered the red plaque and hoped that they find information for possible another route inside the Red Dungeons.

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