The Adventures

Kuusi Kalpaa seikkailusarjan sankaritThe Adventure Campaign contains 21 adventures and several interludes that should take a few months for the players to solve. Every adventure page contains an introduction, conclusion and the players' diaries. Both hero groups - the Slashing and the Muppets - try to solve the same adventure with their personal way you can read from their diaries.

When players progress in the Six Blades campaign their diaries are moved to the Internet.

The players write the diaries and they each contain a different view to the situations. You can found their personal way to see the adventure by the eyes of their hero. Thus players may have totally different opinion for the situation and you should read all of them to see the big picture. I have only formatted the text to fit in html pages and corrected some differences in names of the places or individuals theyíve met.

If you like to see maps of adventure you can find them from Map page. Some adventures also contain maps of that adventure.

Enjoy the adventures

Adventure 1: Lovers >
Adventure 2: Heir to the Throne >
Adventure 3: Long Run >
Adventure 4: Mystical Flame >
Adventure 5: Hunger >
Adventure 6: Siege of Birchknoll >
Adventure 7: Patientia Est Virtus >
Adventure 8: Legacy of the Queen >
Adventure 9: Homecoming >
Adventure 10: Mirror of Visions >
Adventure 11: Eye of Overseer >
Adventure 12: Flood >
Adventure 12-1: Silent Halls of Death >
Adventure 13: Fate of Trapps >
Adventure 13-1: Mission in the Grove >
Adventure 14: Monastery of Menthrop >
Adventure 15: Drystone Keep >
Adventure 15-1: Prince Ra-KŻl >
Adventure 16: Viswanthan >
Adventure 17: Rulers of Time >
Adventure 17-1: Druid of the Devilswamp >
Adventure 17-2: Manor of Horse lord >
Adventure 17-3: Honor and Oath >
Adventure 17-4: People of Light >
Adventure 18: Strange Destinies >
Adventure 18-1: Old Debts >
Adventure 18-2: Strange Destinies >
Adventure 18-3: Diary of the Wind Wizard Herthe >
Adventure 18-4: Silent Halls of Death >
Adventure 19: Grave of the Old Ones >
Adventure 19-1: Red Dungeons >
Adventure 19-2: Khazakar >
Adventure 19-3: Three Dwarven Lords >
Adventure 19-4: Diary of the Wind Wizard Herthe >
Adventure 19-5: Hearth of Darkness >
Adventure 20: Red Moon >
Adventure 21: Six Blades >