Timekeeping in Stoel

Time is generally presented in moments. One day contains eleven moments. The wizards and priests of Ceoline use also the hour system where the day contains 24 hours and one hour contains 60 minutes.

The difficult hour-minute system has caused some arguments between the wizards and the Brotherhood of Light. For wizards the accurate method to calculate time is essential for their spell casting and research. The Brotherhood claims that the wizards twisting the meaning of time and is trying to confuse common people. In addition to everlasting arguments between the brotherhood and wizards the presentation of time is difficult because the priests of Ceoline require the time to be divided in elements and cannot be presented with numbers. Using the numbers is blasphemy. The sphere of Ceoline, time and life, cannot be presented with something used for spells and incantations. However, the priests of Ceoline do not deny use of numbers in other areas.

Because the high influence of priests and wizards the time is presented in moments that easier to understand for common people and with letter combinations that are more accurate but more complex. High above the main door of temple of Ceoline there is strange round table where two sticks circle the table and some strange way indicate the current time.

Some say that inside the wizard's guild has its own round table, which has numbers instead of letters around the table.

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Moments in Stoel

First Moment. The Morning Moment (06-09 am)

The Morning Moment begins when the curfew ends and the morning bells are ringed. King ordered the curfew to reduce the robberies and thefts during the night. In spite of that some shopkeepers may surprise when they open their shop. The guards have hard time when they run all around answering the alarm bells. The alarm bells were mounted in year 97 to help guards find right place. After that rang of alarm bells in the morning had become almost a custom. The guards can rarely do anything for nightly robberies and a new guild had been founded to examine the nightly robberies, the Guild of investigators. The members of Guild of Investigators are more than enough occupied in the first few morning hours.

After a one-hour from the morning bell's ringing the bells are ringed again. This second ringing is called a Gate Bell's ringing and then the gates of Stoel are opened. Long lines of merchants, travelers, peasants and other people are waiting to get inside the Stoel. Usually at this point the merchants of Stoel have set their tents and stalls to the best places and merchants living outside the city walls must stand their stalls to the narrow side streets. The Ox Avenue and Red Avenue are full of people and jammed even though they both are wide streets.

The Arena is opened to the public at eight but scream, yells, sounds of weapons and horses can be heard long before. Usually the gladiators, horse drivers and entertainers started their practicing when the morning bell rang. And soon after the morning bells the temples in the Grace begin to ring their bells to call the people to the morning mass. The Morning moment ends at nine.

Second moment (09-10 am)

When the greatest problems are dealt suddenly people leave the streets and alleys of the Crossing and gather to the Docks. The Baranhir, the God of earth and Sea, the Protector of peasants and fishermen, blesses the Second Moment.

The priests of Baranhir arrive to the Docks and the people follow them. It is said that any fish or bread bought in the Second Moment will last longer and it is not surprise why the Docks are full of people buying the food. Many merchants in the Crossing grumble for the wasted hour and close the shop unless they own the food shop or fish market.

Third Moment, The Moment of Iron (10-11 am)

After the third call the people will return to the Crossing. Everywhere can be heard almost continuous sound of forging. Even those merchants who are not blacksmiths try to use this moment to bless their trading. The Third Moment is blessed to the Ferrosus, the God of Will and Patience, Protector of smiths and hunters.

The anvils are hot everywhere and the blacksmiths are forging hot iron. They will create anything from iron, swords, armors, plows, pots, pans, and other tools. All smiths concentrate only to bend and hammer the iron, no smith is allowed to sell their goods in third moment. The Blessed Book of Ferrosus announces that no one can sell or deliver any iron goods during the third moment or he shall raise the God's anger. In spite of clearly announce of law (usually the holy scripts are symbolic and ambiguous) not every merchant will stop selling iron goods but no self respecting smith will break the law of his God.

The other remarkable event is the hunters' blast of horns outside the city walls. Dozens of hunters gather to near the Grove to blast their hunting horns. Dogs will bark and horses whinny all around waiting for the glorious moment. In the middle of third moment all hunters will blow their horns and the hunting begins. This more ritual than actual starting shot for hunting. Often the hunters have already begun their working day before third moment and many have employed substitute to blast their horn for Ferrosus. Is said that he who pleases the Ferrosus most with blast will have the best kill.

The Fourth Moment (11-12 am)

The army of Stoel was victorious in the fourth moment in the battle of Sherlan pass. The Red Orcs were driven away in fourth moment by the armies of Light. The best victories were won in the fourth moment and the most victorious wars were started on fourth moment. The fourth moment is blessed for Kro, the God of War, Courage and Victory.

The public duels are forbidden in the streets of Stoel but they can be performed in the Arena. There can anyone who wants to respects the Kro worship him in public fights. When the fourth moment begins, the best of Stoel, the best fighters, soldiers and gladiators gather to the Arena to measure their strength against each other. There are fifty-seven different battle ranks and the introduction of these ranks takes usually long time. Anyone can challenge the ranked commandants but rarely they all are challenged in one day.

At the same time the palace of Crystal begins the check of the royal troops but only the nobles are allowed to see the ritual.

The Fifth Moment, The Moment of Law (12-13 pm)

When the sun is at highest the Moment of Law begins, the Moment of Lorg. The Lorg is the God of Politics and Law, God of Sun and Fire and the Protector of the judges, lawyers and executioners.

When the Bells ring for the beginning of the Moment of Law the public punishments, whippings and executions begin in Geston Place. There won't be executions in every day, but public whippings will be available every day. After the punishments the lawyers will read the old and new laws the king has confirmed. Because the people will usually lose interest after the punishments the order was changed. Today the laws are read first and then 'the entertaining' part is performed.

Not everyone will accept the executions. The Third Church of Ceoline will always perform noisy demonstration during the executions. The Third Church of Ceoline is small sect who will concentrate to worship Ceoline as a Goddess of Beauty and Gifts and leaves the other spheres such as magic, knowledge, understanding and time out in their service. They are very annoying sect for the Church of Ceoline because people appreciate the execution entertainment and won't like the disturbers. This utmost sect has reduced the donations to the Church of Ceoline.

The Sixth Moment (01-02 pm)

Although the sixth moment is blessed to the Saryon, the God of Money and Wealthy, God of Illusions and Entertainment it won't differ much for the other moments.

The jongleurs, conjurers, wizard, illusionists and other entertainers can be seen all day in the Crossing. Only the Arena is blessed to bloodless entertainment, plays, reading, poetry, music and songs. In spite of all activities in Arena the people associates the sixth moment to pause in action. Usually the Arena is almost empty for entire sixth moment.

The Seventh Moment, The Free Moment (02-05 pm)

The sun will shine on almost clear sky and the streets and allies are suffocating hot. Everywhere hover the exotic smells; smell of food, herbs and animals mix to the air. Sometimes it is so hot that a moment in tavern or inn is in place. The heavily armored guards patrol streets. The people are tired. This is perfect time for pickpockets.

It is quite peaceful time and people will go to taverns, restaurants, inns, anywhere inside. The streets of the Crossing will quiet down, but merry music and songs can be heard for the taverns in the Crossing and Docks. The Arena is also closed. Originally the Arena was open in the seventh moment but the priests demanded it to be shut. The Holy Eota described that even the gods rested the seventh moment and to respect the gods people should rest also.

The Eight Moment (05-06 pm)

A loud explosion can be heard from somewhere, green smoke raises high above the streets and colorful flames will burst out for a window and the long flame will reach the sky from the funnel of Academy of Wizardry. It is time to honor the Zharkin.

The Zharkin will look closely the Alchemists, doctors, philosophers and researchers. The best discoveries, strangest phenomenon and the most disastrous experiences happen in the eight moment. You should be careful if you pass the Academies of Wizardry in the Grace or the houses of alchemists in the Crossing or you may flew with exploded door over a city walls (like the unlucky merchant few years ago). You should think twice if you want to go doctor in the eight moment. The result may be splendid or catastrophic. On the other hand what is life without risks?

If you are a researcher or alchemist this is the right moment to perform the most critical experiments and wish that the Zharkin were looking at you. And also wish that he were not looking you too accurately...

This is the moment of Zharkin, the God of Experiments and Research, the God of Strange and All things Unseen.

The Ninth Moment, The Moment of Time (06-07 pm)

Afar from the Grace you can hear a clear singing which covers under it the city noise and fuss. It is the Ninth Moment, time of Ceoline the Goddess of beauty and night, Keeper of Information and Understanding.

Priests and priestess of Ceoline will close for the while their books and stop studying. It is time to praise and happiness. It is time to thank the goddess. The priests and priestesses of Ceoline take this excessively seriously; every evening at the Ninth Moment they dress to their best and walk on the Grace praising the goddess. If you haven't visited in Stoel before you should go and see it yourself. Nowhere else in Nagai you will see anything like that.

The Tenth Moment, The Evening Moment (07-10 pm)

Evening arrives. There is still a little time before shops and inns will close. The heat of the day slackens and you will surely have energy to look the temples of the Grace. The last fights on the arena are also most interesting also the most bloodies. Often some nobles will arrive to enjoy the last fun before the moving prohibition. The temples of the Grace will be closed on the initial hour of evening moment and priests will offer the services only in the extreme emergency. Also the city library, Town Halls and guild will close their doors.

The Druids guide people back to city and then they close the Grove. Inns begin to get filled with travelers because the guards will throw people out to the city if they do not have place for the night. The gates of the city are closed hour before night ring.

The Eleventh Moment, The Night Moment (10 pm-06 am)

The streets will quiet when the evening ring is heard. Last people hurry to their homes, before the guards will see them. The Lights are ignited to illuminate the streets of Stoel, and you can see guards walking on the street for your window. At night moving is forbidden without the permission of Guards' Guild in Stoel and all who violate it shall spend few days in city prison. Still, the night is the best time take care of the matters cannot be dealt in daylight. At night in Stoel starts quiet but so interesting life.

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