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Merino is a small port on the other side of the river, apart for the rest of Stoel. It offers transportation over to the passengers and merchants who came Stoel from east (Daelton or Othalas). There is a rumor that in the streets of Merino wanders a monster at night killing people. The Guild of Exotics has promised a large fee for that legendary monster but nobody has yet come to demand it.


One of the most important areas of Stoel is located outside the city walls. In north of Stoel there is a hill area where is located the great family estates, forts and dwellings which belong to the most rich and influential residents of Stoel.

The Mental Health House and Sanatorium

Location: Near Stoel, east for the Merino

A short distance from Stoel there is a large gray building. Its windows are black and nobody has ever seen movement inside or on the courtyard. Large and heavy iron gates surround the building. From time to time some screaming poor human will be drag from the city and is left inside the large iron gates. After that all hasten out, nobody ever remain to look what happen. Place has a dreadful reputation - there live bloodthirsty ghosts or monsters. Nobody has ever come out from there.

Anyone can be forced to there for the information given by enemy or neighbor. They arrange a formal examination but anyone is not really interested for the result. Patient must be regularly take there or 'something' living there may come out to the city. The Mental Health House and sanatorium was founded when a famous alchemist-researcher established with celebrations far from the city. Ziwot the Wise as he was called employed the eleven nurses and moved outside the city to the old house. They said that the house was haunted when he established the place for lunatic.

Years went by and Ziwot become more and more crazy. Finally nobody wanted to go sanatorium voluntarily any more and even the lunatic were thrown inside. Everyone thought that Ziwot was mad scientist, a monstrous lunatic. Rumors are told that scream of pain are heard and people will disappear near the building at night. The settlement around the building is pulled back; nobody wants to remain near the lunatics.

The building is large and bleak, quiet and completely lifeless. Anyone standing near it may even hear his heart beat. Birds don't sing nor does the trees whisper. Air is musty and still, all trees around are peaky as someone or -thing has sucked their vitality.

The Inn of the Death Trap

Location: On the small field near mountains but also near Stoel
Sender: Joni (

The building is 'smial' type building dug deep in the ground. It contains a stable, paddock (too wild and dangerous creatures, 6 in total), well and sauna building (which is the source of building's name. The sauna is warmed always so hot that it is named to Death Trap and the whole building had the same later). Like I said before the Death Trap is a large building. It has three floors and only one of these floors is above the ground. In this top floor are the most expensive rooms and residences. The other floors have stores and other rooms. The kitchen is in the lowest floor for heating reasons

The Shop of Tasseus

Location: Some small and obscure forest near Stoel
Sender: Jani Suomi ( / )

The Shop of Tasseus is located in a small, lonely and repulsive forest. Only the bravest heroes will dare to enter that forest, because it is said that there lives a monsters, which are the creations the crazy Tesseus. The shop has two floors and it is very straggling house. There are rumors that it is remains only by the great magic of Tasseus. Tasseus is wizard who insisted that he found a underground tunnel leading to the lost underground kingdom and that he has found several artifacts of great power. Tasseus will sell these objects in his shop and also arranges trips to the underground tunnels and sells maps. The problem however is that he has only a few customers.

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