Stoel I: The Northern Stoel, the Grace, the Westgate and the Grove

The Grace

Before the beginning of time, great universe was empty - no light, air, earth or life. Eon the Eternal looked the emptiness and in his Grace he spread his arms and created seven Gods from the chaos. The seven Gods stand in front of him and Eon the Eternal spoke: "Create an Order to the Chaos, Create a Purpose and Give it a Shape". These were the words of Eon when he game them power to create. The Eon the Eternal looked to the worlds beyond and promised to return after a seven millennia. Thus the seven Gods spread their hands and created ...
- Euota, The Holy Book of Seven Gods

The seven Gods of Light is the main religion in Stoel. The church is divided to seven municipality of Light, which does not have anything else in common than believe to Light and Tale of Creation. Every church will use the Euota to strengthen its own holy book. The monuments and temples will cover the most of the northern Grace

The six Gods and one Goddess will cover almost all the common daily areas except the darkness and evil. The Gods control the majority of daily life; Lorg, the God of Sun is the protector of Politics and Law. Baranhir, the God of Earth and Sea is the protector of commerce. Kro, the God of War, is the protector of Soldiers and Armies. There are three lesser Gods of Light; Ferrosus, the God of Smiths and Hunters, Saryon, the God of Money, Illusions and Entertainment and Zharkin, the God of Alchemists, Doctors, Philosophers and Researchers. Ceoline, the Goddess of Night, is the protector of Gifts and Beauty. Her areas cover also Vanity and Wealth. In Stoel the religion has large part in daily politics.

On the Grace there are great temples of the seven Gods and Goddess, but there is also large baths, game-halls, libraries, academies and, of course, the great Arena. The Arena is great building where the races, gladiator fights, fun displays and also public executions are performed. Especially the executions are popular. Criminals will be thrown to the arena to fight with each other or against wild predators.

The Grace is perhaps best known over the world by its great academies of wizardry. Every master wizard has his own academy where he may teach his apprentices and students, but always for good price. Their prices may be astronomical but the teaching is worth of every piece. All academies are members of the Wizards' Guild. The guild decides what kind of magic is allowed in Stoel and every spell-user must register there. The Wizards' Guild also examine almost all magical items. The guild is not popular among the politicians, king or the Brotherhood of Light and it tries to keep low profile.

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The Buildings, Sights and Significant Places

The location describes where the building is located in the map. The roman number (I, II, III, IV, V, VI) in brackets indicates the map and the letter-number combination (A-N and 1-13) indicates the square on that map. The building may be on several squares and then the coordinates are separated by comma(s). If building is visible on other maps the next brackets will indicate that. The last indicator is the color of the building. The link in the brackets will take you to the map.

Academy of Hagaunt, The

Location: [I L9] brown

A wizard academy near the Grace region. Hagaunt is old and well-known wizard who seldom teaches new students directly. He has five apprentices who take care the normal teaching until new students are worthy to learn with Hagaunt's guidance. The academy of Hargaut is largest of all academies in Stoel and there may be almost fifty students at the simultaneously learning magic. The prices are however highest in Stoel and even a small mistake cay cause expelling from the school. The students of Hagaunt's Academy wear dark blue robes and a colored robe belt. The color of belt describes the level of the student.

Academy of Star Wizard, The

Location: [I J3] blue

Tenderbaum the Star Wizard is young wizard who has quickly raised one of the best wizards. He has excellent knowledge about elves and it is said that he used to adventure with them new Olorien. He has three apprentices.

Arena, The

Location: [I J7-8, K7-8] Reddish brown

See. The Great Arena

Brotherhood of Mystics, The

Location: [I I9] blue

The Brotherhood of Mystics is an order of magic that doesn't tolerate misuse of magic. In their opinion magic must be mysterious and secret it must be respected. Their guild house pictures well their principalities; it is black, shaped as four-leaved clover and in the surface there seems to move mysterious shadows. The building has no door and high above the windows reveal sometimes flashes or colorful smoke. The wall around the building is also without any visible door. No one has ever seen to walk in or out. The mystics have obviously their own way to enter but that they won't reveal to strangers.

Mystics are wizards and they belong to the wizards' guild but only nominally. They think that the Guild is too tolerant and open-minded, and they avoid 'normal' wizards. Is commonly known that mystics do not accept liberal or too conventional use of magic. They despise openly bards and tricksters. Some say that they try to 'remove' those liberal spell-users who will spoil the mysticism of magic. No one has noticed such in Stoel but outside the city walls things may be different.

Mystics are easy to recognize for their coal black robes and hoods that hide the face of he wizard.

Corridor of Kos, The

Location: [I E7] gray and black

This is the house of wizard Kos. The building looks unoccupied and no one has seen Kos for a while but strange lights can bee seen inside especially at night. The people living near the house tell that a beautiful harp and flute music can be heard sometimes.

Even the Wizard's Guild does not know what Kos does and the latest sign for him was five years ago. Kos is rich and powerful wizard and it is told that he raised the building in one night and no one saw him to use workers. The Corridor of Kos is an odd building and it is built for four hemispheres. The door is also circular and metallic without doorknob. The wall is gray stone or perhaps a glass as some say.

Crazy Noble, The Estate of

Location: [I E12] green

Despite the attracting name nobody knows who lives here. The master or mistress of the house has not been seen in decades but everyone knows that someone lives in there. The lights are moving at night and sometimes a servant comes and goes to the house. The place is well guarded; high walls circle the estate. Some say that strange noises and growls are heard inside and they easily frighten occasional traveler. The place has certain reputation among thieves. Although no one has ever succeeded to see inside the house everyone wants to do it first. They tell that inside the walls there is dense garden and the house itself is almost closed. Many thieves have tried to solve the mystery of the house but no one had returned to tell the tale.

Faex the Impossible, The Estate of

Location: [I L1] violet

The noble from north Stoel, Faex the Impossible lives in a great estate. He has earned his name and everyone knows that he is angry and awkward person. The Slashing thief Aramoto Akimbo, and Muppets heroines Jack and Shan met Faex the Impossible in adventure 18 (Strange Destinies)

Filippo Grimwalls, The Estate of

Location: [I J1, K1] blue

The family of Filippo Grimwall has a large city residence with numerous servants. The Filippo Grimwall himself spends most of his time in the family estate in Pelles but his sons Filippo Grimwall I, II and III spend more time in city residence. Our heroes met Filippo Grimwalls in the adventure 1 (The Lovers) when they examined the disappearance of Elizabeth. Like most nobles the residence is decorated and often there is parties for rich people.

First Step, The

Location: [I I13] [III I1] blue

The First Step is brilliant house of courtesans for rich customers. The lady of the house, Miss Angelica, has operated in Stoel for several years and has achieved a significant status. Almost all high-ranked citizens know her although they seldom admit it. Miss Angelica is already 60 years old.

Free House, The

Location: [I F11-12] green

The Free House is small game hall where people can play either card-game or dice. There is also a company room where noble as well as common people may enjoy their profits. The owners of house are the brothers Anthonius and Filius. Both of them are barons of Stoel.

Gentle Virgin, The

Location: [I J10] red

The Gentle Virgin is the house for men. There rich and influential citizens can spend a cozy moments with beautiful women and courtesans. There is also a good restaurant (and really expensive). The owner and founder of the Gentle Virgin was former citizen of Trapps, Madam Mareena and she still delivers hints and tips to the members of the Guild of the Free.

Golden Coin, The

Location: [I I13] [III I1] yellow

The Golden Coin where nothing else but gold is accepted as a payment. The building is inn, restaurant and evening room to the rich people where the courtesans are the finest of Stoel. Each customer has his or her own maid for the time he or she stays. The building is well guarded and in the front door there is always a sentry. The Slashing hero, Balaur DeVrede spent a lot of his time in this place in the adventure 18 (Strange Destinies)

Grace Road 7, The

Location: [I M6] blue

In the adventure 2 (Heir to the Throne) the heroes rescued prince Gareth when Jiro and Bryg tried to assassinate him. The heroes were rewarded by the new assignment and they got a house for the Grace Road. The adventures had taken heroes away from the city and currently building is empty. Only the two maids will live there and keep it in order. The Grace Road 7 had two floors and it is wooden building. It is located in good area behind the great temples.

Great Arena, The

Location: [I J7-8, K7-8] reddish brown

The Arena is enormous building where is arranged races, gladiator fights, fun displays and anything the rich can afford. Some of the public executions are performed in Arena and then everyone can come to Arena for free. Criminals will be thrown to the arena to fight with each other or against wild predators

The Red Chambers and Mirror of Visions had come more popular and the popularity of Arena has faded. That had made many gladiators and workers of Arena angry. The heroes visited in Arena in adventure 1 (The Lovers) but only to see the show.

Great Library, The

Location: [I H3-4, I3-4] brown

The Great Library of Stoel is free for nobles but other visitors must pay 1 gold piece. A guide will also cost one gold piece per book or hour. Guide is extreme necessary because the books and manuals are to put in any order. It is difficult for guides to find correct books. All visits are written and the visitor must state his name, position and residence. The most valuable books are down in the cellar where the ordinary citizens may not enter. The borrowing of books is only allowed to the nobles.

When the temple of Ceoline almost burned the guarding has been tightened in Library. Great part of the books in temple of Ceoline were burnt in that cursed night or 'fiery night' as the priest call it. The priest suspect that an order called Muun Pet Writers made the crime. It is said that the order tries to destroy any book written in Nagai. However no one has been caught for the arson.

Grove, The

Location: [I A1-9, B1-8, C1-7, D1-6, E1-5, F1-5, G1-4] green

Almost a mile from the Geston Square where is a huge silent grove.

The Grove is close to city walls and it offers a good refuge to the animals, birds and place to relax for the citizens of city. Merchants, guilds or city politicians have no power in here. The rulers of the Grove are the Druids.

The Grove is an oak forest that spreads several miles to north and west for the city walls. The most of the wood in wooden buildings is get from this grove. The Druids however define where and how the wood is cut from their forest and they also renew the forest if needed. The Grove is dense and in very good shape unlike the other forests near the city which were cut almost clear. Druids won't let hunters to forest or do not allow anyone hurt the animals. The only exception is King's Annual Hunt when king hunts deer in the grove.

There are many paths in the Grove where the travelers may walk. The druids however keep an eye to everyone walking in their forest. They have set several snares and spells to prevent people 'accidentally' lose their path.

The Druids have increased their power also in the city and they have a small temple of Earth in the Grace. The Grove is not only a source of wood but there plants a rare flower, petagon. Druids grow this plat for its blue berries. The plant grows only in grove and it is closely guarded secret. Druids create a fine wine, the Grove Wine, for the berries and it is very wanted wine. People say not even the elven wine equals to the Grove Wine.

The creation of Grove Wine, like any other rituals of Druids is performed during the full moon. The berries are cut with the golden sickle and then collected to the silver basin. This is the way according to druids but no one else can verify the method.

Many rumors are told about the druids in the inns and taverns of Stoel. Some say that the petagon needs human flesh to grow. The other rumor says that the druids guard the legendary treasure of elven lord, Etherila. Some insist that druids are creating an army that would destroy the temples of the seven Gods. Everyone knows that the Druids and Priests of Light do not like each other. Many also wonder what the druids do with all the money they get from the Grove Wine. Those who have sought the answer too eagerly have either disappeared or died in strange conditions.

The heroes met the druids first time in adventure 2 (Heir to the Throne) when they searched mysterious druid jewel, The Moonstone.

Guards' Guild

Location: [I E11-12, F11-12] red

The Guards' Guild is place for guards only and no other person may enter. The house contains a tavern, inn, game-hall and path. Also visiting guards of caravans or bodyguards of important persons will visit here when they come to Stoel.

King's Fool, The

Location: [I L12] green

A pub where is a lot of entertainers, bards and fools. The most of them can be rented to the parties and happenings. Many bards and storytellers will spend their time here and this place is unofficially called a Bard's Guild. The owner is bard Aah the Vagabond.

Knight Jakal, The Estate of

Location: [I C8, D7-8] orange

Sir Jakal, the knight of the seventh circle owns this estate. Earlier Jakal was centurion in the troops of the Pass and the heroes met him in adventure 4 (The Mystical Flame). Jakal lead heroes against the rising threat and together they saved Stoel. Unfortunately sandstorm caught heroes and Jakal though they were dead. He returned back to Stoel where king dub him a knight.

The estate of Jakal is large and on the other end there is a barracks for the soldiers. Jakal is practical man and he had changed the garden inside the walls to practicing area. Later the heroes met Jakal again and that you can read for their diaries.

Kitara, The Estate of

Location: [I N1 II B1]
Sender: Kitiara

A large estate where Kitiara Uth Matar dwells when he comes to Stoel.

Lady Ruby

Location: [I C11, D11] red

Lady Ruby is rich and young widow. She is originally from poor family but she married a rich nobleman who dies soon after the wedding. Lady Ruby is noble by the marriage but not by her manners. She is vulgar but because she is very rich other nobles must consider her as a real noble. Lady Ruby is beautiful when she is in parties or in city but her beauty is not real. Her brother, who is wizard, lives in the same house and people say that he uses his magic to make Lady Ruby beautiful.

Leonard Lane

Location: [I H6] green

Leonard Lane is a high ranked priest of the temple of Lorg. Father Leonard is responsible for guarding the coffer of money. His house is located on the Grace and is like any other house of the priests. He dresses modestly and behave calmly although he is high-ranked priest.

Lord Kreed, The Estate of

Location: [I M2] [II A2] red

Lord Kreed is high ranked noble but unlike other nobles he does not have estate in Pelles. He lives in enormous estate surrounded by high walls. Several guards and soldiers will guard his house every night and day. People know that Lord Kreed is paranoiac and fears for thieves and assassins all the time. A few years ago his wife was assassinated. The he sold his estate in Pelles and moved to the city.

The Muppets hero Draviga and Slashing hero Zayin find out what kind of noble lord Kreed was in adventure 1 (The Lovers).

Lubias Fareastern

Location: [I L7, M7] [II A7] violet

One of the best lawyers in Stoel. His taxes are astronomical. Lubias lives in a large house with three floors. The house is located in good place and offers an excellent view over the Crossing. The house belonged to the priest of Kro but the priest had financial difficulties and he had to sell it. Lubias is the new nobles in Stoel. He bought his nobility only a year ago.

Slashing hero Jalvyn became acquainted with Lubias in adventure 18 (Strange Destinies).

Magnificent Magical Material of Estintamalus, The

Location: [I C13] [III C1]
Sender: Ocean Soul

Estintamalus is a silly wizard who is known for his magical shop where the quality is a little ... variable. He sells component needed for spells and they are cheap. But there is no such thing as cheap and good and thus these components may cause problems. The prices are half of the normal (for example the pearl for Identify spell costs only 50gp) but there is only 75% chance that it will work as is should. If the roll is 95 or higher the game-master may choose the accident that happens during the spell casting. The level of accident should be at the same level the spell is.

Margeret de Maletin, The house of

Location: [I E6-7] yellow

Marquis woman Margaret de Malet is old and sometimes irritable noblewoman. He spends lot of her time either in Pelles or with her relatives in Orinoco. His city residence has two floors and is in bad shape outside. Inside however the house is shining.

Muppets heroines Jack and Shan became acquainted with the house in adventure 13 (The Fate of the Trapps) when they escaped city guards after burning the temple of Ceoline. More about the house and their adventures you can read for their diaries.

Players' Guild, the

Location: [I M12, N12] [II A12, B12] blue

Guild of the Gamblers and Betters. It controls all active gambling in Stoel. In the building anyone can participate to the betting of Arena.

Priest Faber, The House of

Location: [I H5-6] gray

House of the priest of Lorg, Faber. The house is simple and small clerical residence but it hid inside a secret the heroes resolved in adventure 10 (The Mirror of Visions)

Temple of Baranhir, The

Location: [I N3-4] [II B3-4] brown and green

Baranhir is the God of Earth and Sea, the protector of farmers and fishermen. The temple of Baranhir is modest looking building and its walls are grayish brown. Numerous twines and plants cover the walls of the temple. Inside there is a great pool where the holy fishes swim.

The time of Baranhir is the Second Moment. The priests celebrate the moment by walking to the Docks. Baranhir blesses any fish or bread bought in the Second Moment. No wonder why the Docks are full of people in the Second Moment.

Temple of Ceoline, The

Location: [I L5-6, M5-6, N5] [II A5-6, B5] yellow, green, orange, brown, bluish and blue

Ceoline is the Goddess of Night, the Goddess of Beauty, Information and Understanding. The priests and priestess of Ceoline have each devoted to one area of Ceoline. Some are monks and researchers who study books the others think that joy, pleasure and beauty is the important area and most of them will be seen in the streets. Some keep the night and stars the most important and some will calculate the time. Some will see magic and information the most important. The church of Ceoline is very scattered but despite the different important areas and ways to worship their Goddess they recognize each other. The Brotherhood of Light thinks that they are too liberal priests and they don't accept all the ideas of the church of Ceoline. But Ceoline is Goddess of Light and thus her priests are as valuable to the Light as the other priests. That the Brotherhood of Light recognizes.

The time of Ceoline is the Ninth Moment, the Moment of Time. When the Ninth Moment begins a clear singing can be heard from the Grace. The priests and priestess of Ceoline will close their books and stop studying. It is time to celebrate and praise the Ceoline. Maybe the priests and priestess of Ceoline take that too literally because they will walk out for the temple. They will walk in the Grace Road and praise the Goddess. The sight is impressing.

There is a great library in the temple of Ceoline. Priests of Ceoline have gathered a great amount of knowledge and old tomes during the time. A few months ago a fire destroyed some of the valuable books. There is no information if fire was ignited on purpose but many think that it was the assault of evil forces against the Light.

Temple of Ferrosus, The

Location: [I L3-4] brown

Ferrosus if the God of Will and Patience, the protector of smiths and hunters.

When the Third Moment, Moment of Iron begins, the forges of the smiths will burn and they will bend the iron, create weapons and armors, iron tools, pots, pans, and ploughs. Ferrosus who s known in Alhraed as Duuk-Thon, will reward the patient and diligent. Every smith will concentrate to bend the iron no one will sell it. Ferrosus will not allow iron to be given or sold in the Third Moment.

The temple of Ferrosus is built for iron and decorated with numerous forged pictures. Temple will shine brightly and many priests can be seen on walls to polishing and forging the wall.

Temple of Kro, The

Location: [I J4-5, K4-5] light gray

Kro is the main God of the Light at least his followers believe that and because his temple is on the end of the Grace Road. Great temple is shaped to the half moon and there the templar knights and paladins will walk. Because Kro is God of War no one can get inside his temple without weapons. The most of the temple area is without walls. The front area is open and only huge pillars will line the temple area. The backside of the temple is blessed for the priests and paladins only and walls surround it.

The time of Kro is the Fourth Moment. The army of Stoel was victorious in the fourth moment in the battle of Sherlan pass. The Red Orcs were driven away in fourth moment by the armies of Light. The best victories were won in the fourth moment and the most victorious wars were started on fourth moment.

The battle cries can be head from the Arena where gladiators and fighters call the name of Kro, Hannibal or Ghan. Kro has many names and even the priests will use all three names.

Temple of Lorg, The

Location: [I K3-4, L3-4] red and light gray

Lorg is God of Politics, Law and Fire, Protector of judges, lawyers and executioners. It is impossible to become a judge or lawyer without blessings of the priests of Lorg. The temple is large circular building, also called to the circle of sun. All around it there is burning braziers. Inside there is huge glowing ball, the Flame of Sun, above the altar. Lorg himself blesses the Flame of Sun.

The time of Lorg is the Fifth Moment, moment of Law. When the sun is at highest the public punishments, whippings and executions begin in Geston Place. After that the laws of Stoel are read.

Temple of Saryon, The

Location: [I L5-6] dark yellow and dark gray

Saryon is the God of the Money, Prosperity, Illusions and Entertainment. The temple of Saryon is festive sight despite its size. The outer walls will glitter on all colors of rainbow and inside there are huge illusions and pictures. Although the temple is open without any doors it is hard to see inside because pictures and illusion coming from nowhere make everything look almost unreal. The temple of Saryon is popular sightseeing.

The time of Saryon is the Sixth Moment and it won't differ much for the other moments. The jongleurs, conjurers, wizard, illusionists and other entertainers can be seen all day in the Crossing. Only the Arena is blessed to bloodless entertainment, plays, reading, poetry, music and songs. They say that moment of Saryon, also called to Fulbuff, is time of the pickpockets and the money will surely change its owner.

Temple of Zharkin, The

Location: [I M3-4] [II A3-4] orange and dark yellow

Zharkin is the protector of Alchemists, doctors, philosophers and researchers. The temple of Zharkin reminds mostly enormous academy where are numerous small rooms and corridors. Only right behind the main door is a small temple area where anyone can worship Zharkin. The other areas are only for priests.

The time of Zharkin if the Eight Moment. The best discoveries, strangest phenomenon and the most disastrous experiences happen in the eight moment. You should be careful if you pass the Academies of Wizardry in the Grace or the houses of alchemists in the Crossing or you may flew with exploded door over a city walls (like the unlucky merchant few years ago). You should think twice if you want to go doctor in the eight moment. The result may be splendid or catastrophic. On the other hand what is life without risks?

Tools of Light, The

Location: [I L5] blue

Shop to the priests. Different incense, candles, holy water, holy translations, healing drinks, clerical packages and other ecclesiastical and holy materials are sold here. The sign in the front of store tell following: The Tools of Light - Official Shop of the Light and Brotherhood of Light. The prices vary like does the customers. They say that no evil may enter to the shop. Nothing would be sold to that kind of person anyway. The shopkeeper is the acolyte of Brotherhood of Light, brother Daniel Truth.

Western Barracks, The

Location: [I B12] blue

The guard barracks of western Stoel. Current commander of barrack is captain Tyrenias Silverblade a man who had lost his left leg in the battle against orcs. There is also a small stable.

Wild Horse, The

Location: [I D13, E13] [III D1, E1] yellow

This is a stable used by guards and soldiers. The stable also sells horses or takes care of them. There is a small tavern in connection of stable and there can bee seen guards and soldiers relaxing. The owner of the Wild Horse heard many rumors and usually passes them forward to anyone interested.

Wild Calf, The

Location: [I D13] orange

An inn and good restaurant. In the middle tavern there is great circle where the man of strength can wrestle. There are three men of strength in tavern and they will wrestle with each other or with the customers. He who beats all of them will win pot full of gold. The owner of inn is former gladiator Iltius Curvesabre.

Wistan the Wise

Location: [I H6] blue

Wistan the Wise is the master of ceremonies of temple of Lorg.

Wizard Fargo, The House of

Location: [I M1] [II A1] blue

Notorious wizard Fargo lives in this house. He is rather extraordinary or at least amusing wizard who is best known for his clumsiness. The name Fargo has got a new meaning among the wizards. When someone fails completely he is called a Fargo. The wizard Fargo does not care this annoying attention or at least he will not show it.

He can be seen walking on the streets wearing a bright colored robe and usually one or two colorful fireballs will follow him. It is said that he spends a lot of time to make himself an impressive sight. When he speaks a loud speaking gets a new meaning. The spells could not have any larger gestures or more loud words of incantation. Fargo is not popular among mystics who think that he spoils the mysticism of magic. The heroes met him in adventure 10 (The eye of Overseer).

Wizard Wynderwnd, The House of

Location: [I L9-10] light green

Muppets heroes met wizard Wynderwnd in adventure 12 (The Flood). When heroine Shan had been caught by the followers of Alun and lost her life the other heroes opened the gates of death and entered to the realm of death to seek his soul in adventure 11 (Interlude - The Silent Halls of Death). Wizard Wynderwnd completed the important ritual. You can read more for the diaries of the brave heroes.

Wizards' Guild, The

Location: [I I5] black

High wizards have their own academies where they can teach an apprentice or several of them. Prices are usually astronomical but the skills they teach are surely worth of every piece. All academies belong to Wizards' Guild. It decides what kind of magic is allowed in Stoel. Every spell-user must visit there and most of the magical items are examined there. The Guild is not famous among politicians, kings or brotherhood of Light and it keeps low profile.

Council of six high wizards controls the Guild..

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