Stoel II: The Northern Stoel, the Crystal Palace and the Northgate

The crown jewel of Stoel is king's Crystal Palace. It is surrounded on high walls and guards are always walking on it.

The real government of Stoel is the king but he had given much of his power to the guilds. The guild leaders are responsible to the king. King decides the city politics but he will listen the leaders of guilds. King must approve new guilds before they can affect city A politics. Several guilds however haven't got the permission, such as the thieves' guilds, but it will not reduce their influence in the city.

King makes the laws but also in that matter guilds have lots of influence. The word of king is law and he can cancel or create new laws as he likes and solve cases but most of the common legal activity is handled but the Lawyers' Guild. Every crime, small or big is handled in court and judges make their decisions according to current laws. The trial is not free and guilty must pay the expenses of both sides. If guilty is indigent he is often forced to labor work or his freedom may be canceled and we is sold to slavery.

Relations between guilds made the daily politics very messy. Most decisions are compromises and their benefit is often questionable. Main part of politics is however made in dark, behind the curtains. Blackmail and bribes are common way to deal daily politics even inside the palace. He who has money makes the decisions.

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The Buildings, Sights and Significant Places

The location describes where the building is located in the map. The roman number (I, II, III, IV, V, VI) in brackets indicates the map and the letter-number combination (A-N and 1-13) indicates the square on that map. The building may be on several squares and then the coordinates are separated by comma(s). If building is visible on other maps the next brackets will indicate that. The last indicator is the color of the building. The link in the brackets will take you to the map.

Academy of Nabarien Wild Wizard, The

Location: [II L6, M6] gray

Wizard Nabarien the Moth-Eaten is an old wizard who has established academy of wizardry. He only accepts apprentices who are experienced wizards. It is rumored that he tries to find immortality and he needs help of experienced wizards.

Adventurers' Guild

Location: [II G13] [IV G1] red

A strange place for strange men. The Adventurers' Guild is no really a guild but it only collects voluntary payment for those interested of adventures. The guild will produce tales, songs, plays and heroic legends. The speaker of the guild is Tolubian Gray Wolf who wants the every song and tale has piece of truth so they pay for brave adventurers to explorer places worth of tales and songs.

Adventurer's Oasis, The

Location: [II G13] [IV G1]
Sender: anonymous

Near the Adventures' Guild there is rather high level and little expensive Inn called The Adventurer's Oasis. It is regular place of the members of Adventurers' Guild. Many of the customers are become rich suddenly and they gladly pay that they are called master.

The owner of Oasis is Milo who is previous thief in the Guild of the Free and current honest innkeeper. Milo has still good contacts to the Guild of the Free but he does not tell if aloud. Many of the members of the Guild of the Free do not know that the owner was member of same guild. In rare emergencies the Oasis has been a safe house.

The former employees are infamous thieves and pyromaniacs Shan and Jack but after they left the business has improved.

Bath of the Holy, The

Location: [II C9-10] light blue

The Bath of the Holy is one of the bathhouses in Stoel for nobles. The bath is free but refreshments and masseurs as subject to fee. Priest Galathaen owns the bathbouse.

Cellar of Mezaadan, The

Location: [II G11]
Sender: Mikael (sir Hughes) (

Former eastern pirate Mezaadan and noble man sir Huges established together this dark tavern. People come to tavern to play games, drink and smoke different opiates.

Crystal Palace, The

Location: [II G3-7, H3-7, I3-7, J3-7] several colors

The most impressing building in the Grace and in all Stoel is the Crystal Palace. It has sky-high glittering towers and domes are the most impressing sight new traveler will ever found. It is rumored that tens of priests and wizards created the towers and hundreds of first-class architects, sculptors, and builders used seven years to finish each corner and angle to mirror the greatness of Stoel. One year for each God of Light the priest say. The palace is surrounded by high wall and inside there are royal gardens and zoos.

Our heroes visited first time in Crystal Palace in adventure 2 (Heir to the Throne) when the king's cousin planned a takeover by murdering the prince Gareth. For their actions you can read from diaries.

Da´g Agghar's Secret Organization

Location: [II I14] [IV I2]
Sender: Dalamar (

The house of Secret Organization is inconspicuous small boat shed in the Docks. Their only purpose is to ensure that non-humans survive in Stoel and deal their oppressors. They try to get rid of Exotic Guild at any cost. Those rare who had heard the guild know that it is surprisingly powerful. So claim that their plan to destroy Exotic Guild FOR GOOD is ready and will happen soon.

Finders' Brotherhood, The

Location: [II D11] brown

The Finders' brotherhood is also called to the Alchemists' Guild. It controls all potion, and mystical and magical materials producing. Many of the members of the brotherhood are priests of Zharkin who had concentrated on examining and researching. The house of Finders' Brotherhood had been rebuilt three times because of failed experiments that had burnt or explored it. Currently it is forbidden to study in the building and it is used only to store valuable materials and books of alchemists. This is very good solution because easiest way to know that house belongs to alchemist or researcher is that it has marks of explosions or fire. They say that creatures from other dimensions protect the guild house.

Free Master Galgaidheal

Location: [II H12] gree

Galaidheal is young man hardly 20 years old but his skill in magic are incomparable. Galgaidheal has noble past but he lost his position and his property when his parents died. He was only 5 years old. He spent his youth in the monastery of Brotherhood of Light but escaped there and joined to the Guild of the Free. There are rumors that Jiro is behind the death of Galgaidheal's parents.

In the adventure 13 (Fate of Trapps) he was with the heroes to establishing the council of the Guild of the Free. Later he resigned his position and bought a title of Free Master. Galgaidheal is still friend of the Guild of the Free but he does not take part of their activities.

Great Butterfly Museum, The

Location: [II E4]
Sender: Konzta ( (23.6.2000)

Almost all butterflies living near Stoel are collected to the Great Butterfly Museum. Great nettle butterflies and rare silver spot butterflies are represented in this great collection of this valuable building. Museum is light, three floored wooden building and it is located in open and sunny place. The roof had been renewed 10 years ago when the best carpenters were building it. Nowadays someone too explicit may find something for the wooden walls of museum.

Museum is popular place and people will come to see it (and its collection) sometimes far away. Ten voluntary employees will take care the museum and most of its new butterflies are donations. No one knows who founded the museum. There is a rumor that in the Grove lives a man who had claimed himself a founder of museum.

Gladiator Vladenko, The House of

Location: [II K9] blue

Gladiator Vladenko is probably the most famous gladiator who fought in Arena. He was almost unbeatable and many people respected him. His death happened in suspicious circumstances and few of his followers established a group named Vladenko's Disciples. The group bought Vladenko's former house, which he got for a rich noble who bought his freedom. The members of group are Tokal, Gerel, Atles and Ucale. They have dedicated their life to respect former gladiator's honor and find gladiator's murderer. Vladenko died to a poisoned dagger when the combat should have been unarmed. The followers of Vladenko caught the killer and before his death he revealed that he was paid for killing. However the killer didn't reveal his employer before his death.

Holy Bishop Daemolos, The House of

Location: [II D6] Red

Bishop Daemolus Uthar is former acolyte from Alhraed who came to Stoel and quickly achieved the respect of bishop Agnostus the Honest. Daemolos succeeded to reduce the growing crime numbers in Stoel before the flood. First he cut the ferry routes to Trapps and then hardened the punishments and finally he brought the Mirror of Visions to Stoel. The crimes are reduced in Stoel because of him, which had increased his influence and respect among the nobles and king. People are predicting him to be next high bishop of Stoel.

Jewelers' Guild, The

Location: [II D2-3] yellow

Jewelers are raising power in Stoel. All jewel and jewelry business is in their hands but still their number is small. It is rumored that the Lawyers' Guild does whatever possible to prevent the Jewelers' Guild get more influence in the city.

Kitiara, The Estate of

Location: [I N1 II B1]
Sender: Kitiara

A large estate where Kitiara Uth Matar dwells when he comes to Stoel.

Knight Ferret the Shadow Wolf, The Estate of

Location: [II J13-14] red

The knight of Third Sphere, Ferret the Shadow Wolf, lives in building made of red stone in eastern Stoel. He has many wolf- like dogs, and some of them may even be wolves, which had given him his nickname. Ferret is warrior of many wars and has been in the paladin monastery of Brotherhood of Light.

Lawyers' Guild, The

Location: [II C8, D8] blue and violet

When king made the first law, the first lawyers appeared. Initially they were the expositors of king's laws, high-ranked nobles and researchers. Then they established Lawyers' Guild to ease king's actions. No longer king need to himself solve every problem, although he still has the right to do so if he wants to, but the lawyers act as judges.

Not anyone can be lawyer; he must be indigene noble, he must be unblemished and approved by king. Before candidate even gets chance to be accepted by king he must be accepted by seven high judges. Although the rules determine that judge must be unblemished many citizens think that they are the most corrupted practitioners.

Only a few lawyers work as judges. There are only seven official judges in Stoel, named by king and blessed by church. But because there are more crimes than they can handle there are several unofficial judges who take care the slight crimes and conflicts. These Street Judges as they are commonly called are the most corrupted of all judges.

The Lawyers' Guild is the most successful guild in Stoel because king has ordered that every guilty must pay for the guild regardless if he wants a lawyer or not. Not everyone in Stoel even knows that they are entitled to a lawyer but they think that they pay for the judge. If accused does not have property or money to pay he may be sentenced to jail or labor even if he or she is innocent to actual crime.

Lightmakers' Guild

Location: [II F8, G8] brown

When Sun goes down the Stoel won't be dark place. The Lightmakers' Guild takes care that people can see in Stoel at night. They have set many magical balls all over the city to illuminate the night. Although the Church and King will pay to the guild for illumination they do not have resources to fill every alley and street. Some merchants will buy the light above their shop. The light is the best enemy against thieves. All the candle makers also are members of The Lightmakers' Guild.

Lord Kreed, The Estate of

Location: [I M2] [II A2] red

Lord Kreed is high ranked noble but unlike other nobles he does not have estate in Pelles. He lives in enormous estate surrounded by high walls. Several guards and soldiers will guard his house every night and day. People know that Lord Kreed is paranoiac and fears for thieves and assassins all the time. A few years ago his wife was assassinated. The he sold his estate in Pelles and moved to the city.

The Muppets hero Draviga and Slashing hero Zayin find out what kind of noble lord Kreed was in adventure 1 (The Lovers).

Lord Malazar, the Estate of

Location: [II H2] orange

Lord Malazar is an old hermit noble who is seldom seen in the city or parties. His estate is rather modest. Lord Malazar has high-ranked position because he is ambassador of Alhraed.

Lubias Fareastern

Location: [I L7, M7] [II A7] violet

One of the best lawyers in Stoel. His taxes are astronomical. Lubias lives in a large house with three floors. The house is located in good place and offers an excellent view over the Crossing. The house belonged to the priest of Kro but the priest had financial difficulties and he had to sell it. Lubias is the new nobles in Stoel. He bought his nobility only a year ago.

Slashing hero Jalvyn became acquainted with Lubias in adventure 18 (Strange Destinies).

Merchant Belania, The Estate of

Location: [II L7] orange

Merchant Belania is a jeweler who has three shops in Stoel. His house is four-floored estate. The house is rumored to be creation of Atil the Square, famous architect. The first floor of house is almost as high as two normal floors and the entire height of house is almost five floors. The house is impressing sight; many wooden and marble statues of forest beasts decorate it. Many rich and influential noble visit in his house and it is rumored that old king visited there once

Mother Earth, The

Location: [II C14] dark yellow

This modest building is easily lost among other common buildings in Stoel. Still many people visit there because it is the house of Druids. House is called to Shrine of Mother Earth or shortly the Mother Earth. Druids sell the expensive and rare Petagon Wine (or Grove Wine). You can read more information of for the druids in the Grove.

The heroes also visited in the building in adventure 2 (Heir to the Throne) when they were searching the mystical jewel called Moonstone.

Northern Barrack, The

Location: [II F2-3] blue

The guards barrack of northern Stoel. Because the traffic to and from north is quite slight the barrack is also used as a resident for soldiers.

Perfect House, The

Location: [II E6-7, F6-7] red

Architect Will the Construction Master lives in this fine house. He is one of the famous architects in Stoel and has planned several of its houses and buildings.

Players' Guild, The

Location: [I M12, N12] [II A12, B12] blue

Players' Guild is guild that controls all gambling and betting in Stoel. Anyone can participate to Arena bets in the building.

Red Market, The

Location: [II C12, D12-13, E12-13] [IV C1, D1, E1] dark and light yellow

The Red Market is a market place where merchants from Daelton sell their products. There is lot of small huts and tents and many of them are only temporal. Anything can be bought and the prices wary greatly. People call the market place also Commune of Daelton. More from Daelton and its government you can read from Aramoto's Information

Restaurant "Chaos", The

Location: [II K3]
Sender: Adon (

This pub is opened 9 pm in the evening. There is awful noise and fights are starting all the time. This is how the pub got its name. Beer is especially cheap and that's why the place is so popular.

Sevos, The Family Estate of

Location: [II F4]
Sender: Draziel (

Family Sevos owns this estate and its current headman is Agren Sevos. Sevos is wealthy merchant family that has lived in Stoel or near it several generations. The estate itself is quite restrained.

Smith's Workshop, The

Location: [II G14] [IV G2] blue

A small workshop owned by smith Aranis Golden Heart. Smith Aranis is mute but his apprentices will serve the customers.

Temple of Baranhir, The

Location: [I N3-4] [II B3-4] brown and green

Baranhir is the God of Earth and Sea, the protector of farmers and fishermen. The temple of Baranhir is modest looking building and its walls are grayish brown. Numerous twines and plants cover the walls of the temple. Inside there is a great pool where the holy fishes swim.

The time of Baranhir is the Second Moment. The priests celebrate the moment by walking to the Docks. Baranhir blesses any fish or bread bought in the Second Moment. No wonder why the Docks are full of people in the Second Moment.

Temple of Ceoline, The

Location: [I L5-6, M5-6, N5] [II A5-6, B5] green, orange, brown and blue

Ceoline is the Goddess of Night, the Goddess of Beauty, Information and Understanding. The priests and priestess of Ceoline have each devoted to one area of Ceoline. Some are monks and researchers who study books the others think that joy, pleasure and beauty is the important area and most of them will be seen in the streets. Some keep the night and stars the most important and some will calculate the time. Some will see magic and information the most important. The church of Ceoline is very scattered but despite the different important areas and ways to worship their Goddess they recognize each other. The Brotherhood of Light thinks that they are too liberal priests and they don't accept all the ideas of the church of Ceoline. But Ceoline is Goddess of Light and thus her priests are as valuable to the Light as the other priests. That the Brotherhood of Light recognizes.

The time of Ceoline is the Ninth Moment, the Moment of Time. When the Ninth Moment begins a clear singing can be heard from the Grace. The priests and priestess of Ceoline will close their books and stop studying. It is time to celebrate and praise the Ceoline. Maybe the priests and priestess of Ceoline take that too literally because they will walk out for the temple. They will walk in the Grace Road and praise the Goddess. The sight is impressing.

There is a great library in the temple of Ceoline. Priests of Ceoline have gathered a great amount of knowledge and old tomes during the time. A few months ago a fire destroyed some of the valuable books. There is no information if fire was ignited on purpose but many think that it was the assault of evil forces against the Light.

Temple of Information, The

Location: [II D7] brown

This small house is the residence of seer Dragos the Thinker. He is said to be very wise man, one of the wisest philosophers in Stoel. Dragos helps people in their problems.

Temple of Zharkin, The

Location: [I M3-4] [II A3-4] brown

Zharkin is the protector of Alchemists, doctors, philosophers and researchers. The temple of Zharkin reminds mostly enormous academy where are numerous small rooms and corridors. Only right behind the main door is a small temple area where anyone can worship Zharkin. The other areas are only for priests.

The time of Zharkin if the Eight Moment. The best discoveries, strangest phenomenon and the most disastrous experiences happen in the eight moment. You should be careful if you pass the Academies of Wizardry in the Grace or the houses of alchemists in the Crossing or you may flew with exploded door over a city walls (like the unlucky merchant few years ago). You should think twice if you want to go doctor in the eight moment. The result may be splendid or catastrophic. On the other hand what is life without risks?

Wizard Fargo, The House of

Location: [I M1] [II A1] blue

Notorious wizard Fargo lives in this house. He is rather extraordinary or at least amusing wizard who is best known for his clumsiness. The name Fargo has got a new meaning among the wizards. When someone fails completely he is called a Fargo. The wizard Fargo does not care this annoying attention or at least he will not show it.

He can be seen walking on the streets wearing a bright colored robe and usually one or two colorful fireballs will follow him. It is said that he spends a lot of time to make himself an impressive sight. When he speaks a loud speaking gets a new meaning. The spells could not have any larger gestures or more loud words of incantation. Fargo is not popular among mystics who think that he spoils the mysticism of magic. The heroes met him in adventure 10 (The eye of Overseer).

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