The Free City of Stoel

Stoelin Vapaakaupunki - Tarinoiden tapahtumapaikka

Stoel is busy city where live about one hundred thousand citizen, humans and other races. The city cover almost three quarter miles between two rives - the Elaine and the Lavaine. These two rives will produce the main part of the source of livelihood, trade and fishing. Two main roads will go through the city offering the port between east and west.

The Stoel project >

The Stoel is one of the greatest cities in the north Nagai. It is the place of adventure where every corner and street may offer a surprise to the fellow adventurer. Anything can happen in this city of adventure. Now you can participate the building of Stoel by creating a tavern, store, inn or traveler’s home.

The Main parts

Stoel is divided to several main parts and each has its own special qualities.

The Trapps is the slum separated by the two rives. The Docks edge coastline and are really important to the city's economy. The Docks are divided to two parts. The north docks are for the merchant ships and the south docks are for the fishermen and for smaller ships. The city’s government, guilds and most of the shops are located in the Crossing. It contains mails of roads and alleys where you can found almost anything.

The Grace is famous for its temples and churches, great wizard towers and especially the Great Arena. The Grove is outside the city walls west from the city and there lives the Druids. The Druids are mysterious servants of nature who spend most of time outside the city walls but they have more influence to business than many in the city would like. The last remarkable place is the Pelles. The Pelles is north outside of the city and there are the manors of the wealthiest citizens of Stoel.

Maps of the Stoel

Large Map of Stoel >
The Outer Zone of Stoel >
The Inner Zone of Stoel >

Stoel I: The Northern Stoel, the Grace, the Westgate and the Grove >
Stoel II: The Northern Stoel, the Palace of Crystal and the Northgate >
Stoel III: The Western Stoel, the Geston place and the Crossing >
Stoel IV: The Eastern Stoel, the North Docks and the Crossing >
Stoel V: The Southern Stoel, the Southgate and the Maze >
Stoel VI: The Southern Stoel, the South Docks and the Trapps >

Buildings in Alphabetical Order >
Buildings in Order of Line of Business >

Time in Stoel

The time is presented in Stoel differently than other countries in the Nagai and sometimes it may cause some troubles to the travelers. Those who are interested the time and how to calculate it should contact the priests of Ceoline. For reasonable amount of money they will explain the confusing and complex timekeeping system.

Maps Near Stoel

Heroes have traveled across the Stoel and areas near it. I have added northern, southern and western map of areas near Stoel. The Maps contain also the travel route of the heroes.