The Chronicles of Elaine: How the Human and Elven union broke

There are many rumors of Beowulf, his life and the Great War he caused. There are as many legends as there are storytellers. Only a few of these are true or even near truth. A few know what really caused war between Maodighomhnaig and Beowulf. This is story how it all begun.

The emperor Beowulf was the ruler of the north and his empire was the mightiest of all time. His kingdom extended from the distant Gathen to the Iron Mountains. During his rule the northern Nagai bloomed and mightiest was the union of the humans and elves. Also the Beowulf had heard for the great smith and magic-user Maodighomhnaig. There were plenty of rumors for the artifacts he had forged and some say that anyone who carried the great weapon forged by the mighty Maodighomhnaig was unbeatable. Thus decided the emperor Beowulf to meet the mighty Maodighomhnaig and he made a journey to the Iron Mountains where the elven smith lived. There he met the mightiest of all elven smiths, the Maodighomhnaig. Long they spoke, Beowulf and Maodighomhnaig, about the matters which normal mortal couldn't understood and greatly Beowulf praised elves skills and artifacts he had forged.

And finally the Beowulf proposed that the mighty Maodighomhnaig could forge him a mark of power, weapon of might and the mark of emperor. But too proud was the great Maodighomhnaig and he despised the request of the emperor and refused to forge the object of might. Long time Beowulf demanded smith to forge, and quick-tempered argument they had. Finally angered Maodighomhnaig drive away the northern ruler and strictly forbid him to come back. Sad and hurt was Beowulf when he returned to his people and with no one he spoke the meeting. He declined the greatness of Maodighomhnaig and forbid anyone to say his name aloud.

The emperor had a bastard son, who didn't accept his father's loss. Although he was only a boy of the maidservant and he had no position on court, the old emperor kept the boy as his favorite. The son, Bomar, was the emperor's assassin, trained to use poison and to serve the emperor. Bomar was diligent and hot-tempered unlike the other boys of the emperor. In his sorrow boy looked how emperor drooped to the gloom. Then he decided that the great elven smith would pay for despise.

Bomar took his deadliest poisons and in disguise journeyed to the Iron Mountains. According to the story he never met Maodighomhnaig, but found his workshop and dwelling, and prepared a cup of poison to the smith. Maybe it was will of gods, maybe it was destiny but Maodighomhnaig never drink the poison. The son of great smith saw the cup and drank it not knowing it was poisoned. When Bomar saw that he believed that the great Maodighomhnaig died and returned to his people.

When he came back to the court and told the news to his father. Bomar brought along a sword of might, the dark blade and he yielded it to his father. Now the emperor had also a sword of power. The emperor was very satisfied to boy's doings; the boy had indicated his courage and his loyalty was again unquestionably shown. So much was the emperor satisfied that he announced to whole kingdom that the deceiving elf - Maodighomhnaig - had died.

And so heard the great Maodighomhnaig news when he was grieving his son's death. He rose from the grave and take an oath that he won't rest until the emperor and his bastard son would die. The great Maodighomhnaig called the mightiest of elves and demanded compensation for his dead son. So declared Maodighomhnaig war to Beowulf, the ruler of north and so broke the union of humans and elves. Thus started time of blood and war.

- A Fragment for The Chronicles of Elaine

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