The Chronicles of Elaine: Gale's Legend

Tower of Elane"Long ago at the third age when the elves and human lived together, and their might spread over all known world, many great smiths rose to power but not one of them was equal to great Maodighomhnaig. The mighty elven smith Maodighomhnaig rose the humans and elves even greater level of prosper and their might grew even more. But he was the reason to war that made the humans and elves bitter enemies. He caused the Great War also called to the Red War.

Maodighomhnaig forged many great objects when he lived and many of them still exist today. One of them was the Lightning Blade and this is the story of it.

When Maodighomhnaig was young smith not very known came young human, Gale, from Tirol to him. The human residents of Tirol were well known for red and thick beards and fighting spirit but this young man barely had hairs in his chin. The young man was exited for the artifacts great smith has forged and wanted the smith to create a sword of legends for him. A Sword no one else had. The elven smith smiled to boy's enthusiasm and promised to forge weapon, which no one would have if he only brought him a lightning to forge. The boy promised to acquire it, and Maodighomhnaig smiled and promised to wait boy's return.

As the next morning boy packed his backpack and went north to search the lightning. At that time the thunderbolts and lightning came always from north. Two hundred thirty days and nights he walked toward the north and met humans and elves everywhere on his journey, but no one could tell him where he to get lightning which the elven smith could forge. Finally there were no villages or towns but only small tribes. They told him that there was an enormous ice giant who lived in the north and blew the cold wind to the south. The giant lived near the edge of the world so far in north that the steel would froze and could be cut as a dry branch. Perhaps from there boy could find a lightning.

For North Gale walked and finally he arrived place where he could see nothing but snow. No living mortal had ever gone that far north. There walked the young Gale and from there he found frozen lightning.

No legend tells if he met the ice giant but they tell that he brought the lightning to Maodighomhnaig who fulfilled his promise. He made a weapon for he lightning that no one had ever seen. Gale named the weapon a Lightning Blade and carried it back to Tirol. Young Gale defeated the darklings and forced their lords to retreat to east. There he was crowned to the master of west for his deeds. He made many other heroic deeds and many of them were never written and the old people only know them. In every tale and legend, the young Gale is described as a mighty warrior who carries a shiny sword on his belt. The sword that is the most miraculous of all the artifacts mighty Maodighomhnaig ever forged."

- A Fragment for The Chronicles of Elaine

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