The Chronicles of Elaine: The Six Blades

Tower of ElaineBefore the beginning of the four age many great elven and human warriors walked on Nagai. In the Great War between elves and humans these warriors were powerful and unbeatable.

The great human warriors were the ruler of the north - Bomar son of Beowulf - the prince of the south - Pyrie line of Galen and black king of west Sagic El'Rais and they led armies against the elves. Each carried in their hand a weapon of might forged by the great smith Maodighomhnaig. It is said that these weapons made them unbeatable.

Great were the lords of the humans, but great were the elves that rose against them. Hutsanthala Sunflower, Lotharige Wildtwine and Menthrop Buckthorn. They were not lesser in power because each of them carried also a might weapon of Maodighomhnaig.

The fight raged everywhere in Nagai and they left behind only burning ruins of the mighty cities. The Light struck against the Light and Darkness betrayed the Darkness. The mighty human priests struck against holy elven clerics. White and black human wizards fought against the elven magicians and smiths. Mighty armies of humans struck against great elven armies leaving behind only a devastation and destruction.

War raged equally, but the humans were greater in number and elves had to retreat. Then the great demon and the ruler of all that is dark, T'Ch'akota, landed to the midst of the humans. He whispered dark words and words of the temptation to the ears of the great human lords. 'Are the Lords so great that even the Gods must recognize them. Are the heroes so powerful that the Light must bow to them.' So the demon poisoned the hearts of the Lords and drove them to the lap of the darkness.

Thus rose the three Lords and denied the mighty of Light and rose to their place. Not a single priest would be spared unless the Light had stepped against the Darkness. Powerful were the lords of the humans, and more powerful had they become when Darkness came to them. When the Darkness took the lords of the humans, the Light descent to the elves and selected them. And thus the Light met the Darkness and thus met the bearers of the blades of might for the last time.

Once more the Six Blades forged and named by the great Maodighomhnaig, meet in the battle. The Six Blades which were Stef - the Lightning Blade, Duaring - the Flame Tongue, Thalea -the Dark Blade, Olsa - the Dream Guard, Pola - the Blood Blade and Y'der - the Sun Blade.

- A Fragment for The Chronicles of Elaine

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