Songs and Poems

Songs of Bard Magnus "Dam" Harlegh

Bard Dam has been productive bard. His songs can be heard in many taverns and inns in Stoel.

Muppets >
Memory of Janna >
Jewel of Stoel >
Saviors of the Prince >
Riddle >
An Ode to Stoel >.
Faraway Love >
Bard's Farewell >
Mage's Duel >.
The Death of Morganbach >
Apple Pie and Mead >
True Farewell >
Redemption >
Deeds done in honour and necessity >
The Honor of a Knight >
Ode to Shan
Lady of the Lake >
Longings of a Traveller >
Stony Meetings >
Forth and Back >.

Three Dwarven Lords >

The Three Dwarven Lords poem was the key that opened the secrets of the Red Dungeons in adventure 19-3 (Three Dwarven Lords) (Not yet translated to english).

Songs of Sambal Bald

The White Mouse that got Away >

Songs of Thief Aramoto Akimbo

Fisherman's wife >

Poems and Dreams of Wizard Morganbach "Morgan" Tval

Morgan has written many poems in addition of his magical writings.
Oh > City >
Lament >
Oh, Why >
Vision >

One of the main part in Morgan's life is to study dreams. The hold a key to past, future and present.
Corpse >
Dark >
Dream >
Dream II >
Divine Dream
Another Divine Dream
A Dream for a Ruins

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