Heroes and Myths

Aklar's 13 Rules for Thieves >

Here are Aklar's 13 rules as he taught them to Muppets hero  Draviga. The rules Draviga had tried to follow best he can so he would someday become best thief alive.

Rebirth of Balaug-Dan >

Muppets wizard Morgan's tale for Balaug-Dan of Bael Ungra.

Legend of Bane Bael Ungra, The >

Bael Ungra was great warlord who united orc and humans of Darkland. There are many legends for his life. This tale is written by his first-born son.

Legend of Belagaur Dragon Slayer, The >

Helevor Frogleg of Gray Order tells a tale for  Belagaur the Mighty. He Who Defeated The Great Blue And Staked The Magnificent Dragon.

Chara, The Daughter of Mirian >

Jalvyn's information for heroine Chara, the daughter of Mirian.

Tale of Fiolektan and Eliael, The >

Morganbach Tval tells the tale of the twins, Fiolektan and Eliael, whose actions tremble the whole Nagai.

Halgan the Silent >

A study for Lore Master Relan III who succeeded to open the gate of Death and entered to the realm of the dead.

Olaf the Wide Eye >

There have been many great wizards who have walked in Nagai. This is bard Dam's tale for one of them (Not yet translated to english).

Knight El'Rais >

A story for the knight El'Rais told by a granny from Hillgrove. The heroes visited in Hillgrove in adventure 8 (Legacy of Queen).

Rowan the Redneck, Daughter of Alged >

Slashing wizard Jalvyn tolds a story for Rowan who was the second of the two archwizard mistress in the Stoel's Wizards' Guild..

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