Stories and Legends

Land of Azgûrathin, The

The widn wizard Herthe is reputable traveler. He has been almost every country and region in Nagai and written diaries for ´his journeys. His journals are wanted among wizards because he writings are clear and well detailed. His last journey was to Teh-Bar and his journal reveals secrets of that strange land, Land of Azgûrath (Not yet translated to english).

Chronicles of Elainen, The

Elaine was the most remarkable chronicler in Stoel. She wrote thousands of books for the Stoel and for the rest of the Nagai, but sadly only a few exist anymore.

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Six Blades, The >
Hearth of Darkness, The
Destruction of Elethansan and Fall of Darkness
The Nameless
Alun the Lord of Darkness
Cover of Heaven, The

History Cannot Be Changed

The last prophesy of a mad prophet before his death in year 50 of sixth age. His name should not be remembered or mentioned, -The Brotherhood of Light. (Not yet translated to english)

Rite of Death, The

The final conclusion of archwizard Theodor Whitequill for an ancient rite, The rite of Death, written by Halgan the Silent. (Not yet translated to english)

Monastery of Menthrop, The

Revered White Brother, Tanarium Malekumin, from the monastery of Brightness in the Orinoco, estimates the legend for the monastery of Menthrop. (Not yet translated to english)

Metaphysical History of Nagai, The

Once Morgan fumbled in his pouches and opened accidentally a pouch full of dust of black lotus. And the result was that he saw the metaphysical history of Nagai... (Not yet translated to english)

Marks of Witch, The

This is a fragment for the writings of the Brotherhood of Light. It explains how a witch is recognized and judged. (Not yet translated to english)

Elf Hunter's Guide

This book contains eye-witness statements and folk-lore and was written in year 593 of fifth age. The book is the holy book for all western bounty hunters. Now Aramoto has brought the book to the Stoel. (Not yet translated to english)

Small Essay for the Monsters and Creations

Morgan's first book for Creatures. (Not yet translated to english)

Warriors of Fire, The

Nomad Edeinos's Story for the Warriors of Fire and their leader, Baruk-Kaah. The heroes met Edeinos in the adventure 4 (Mystical Flame). (Not yet translated to english)

Elements of Magic, The

An old parchment written by Halgan the Silent before he disappeared. (Not yet translated to english)

Tale of White Maiden, The

A sad and dark story of white maiden in the monastery of Menthrop. (Not yet translated to english)

People of Light, The

An old man tolds a story for the fate of his people and dark Jheloma. The heroes met the people of light in adventure 17-4 (People of Light). (Not yet translated to english)

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