There are many kind of Travelers walking ont the streets of StoelThe Travelers

The city of Stoel is full of them. Everywhere from Nagai they will arrive to see the miracles of Stoel. Some of them stay only few hours, some days and some make Stoel to their permanent home. No-one can know his or her destiny beforehand at least not in Stoel.

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Appearance: Thin/tall smoke colored eyes, slightly pointy ears
Profession: Traveller
Official reason to visit: the road I took ended here
Real reason of visit: Gathering knowledge
Equipment: a couple of nice rings, a strange bony wand, a bag that holds a lot
Additional Information: A Mage of renown from a other plane just passing by, nervous (haunted/hunted?) and dislikes closed spaces with one door. Searching magic and arcane knowledge. Got wand, wanna travel.....
Sender: Ahzerkan (
Sent: 10/1/2002

Zalin Altarus

Appearance: 5'9" tall, red hair,gold eyes
Profession: mercenary
Official reason to visit: to adventore
Real reason of visit: to adventure
Equipment: +1 chain mail,buckler shield/+1 bastard sword,composite short bow,x5 daggers,ring of water walking,x4 potion of healing,50ft of rope w/grapple hook,x3 flasks of oil,flint & steel,whetstone,x2weeks standard rations,x4 iron spikes & small hammer,x76 gold peices,x55 silver peices,x40 copper peices p
Additional Information: Strength:17,  Intelligence:15,  Wisdom:13,  Dexterity:18,  Constitution:17,  Charisma:13,  Race: 1/2 Elf, Alignment:Chaotic Neutral
Sender: The Boognish (
Sent: 1/1/2002


Appearance: strong
Profession: cooking
Official reason of visit: for money
Real reason of visit: money
Equipment: longsword, chainmail
Additional information: I am the best of the best and no other is like me. In some parts of the world im god the rest i am a outlaw.
Sender: Goku (
Sent: 10/17/2001

Altara of Akshak

Appearance: hidden beneath a hooded cloak... like that of a Mystic Brother of your city
Profession: I am what they call a "seeker".
Official reason of visit: I am but a humble traveler...
Real reason of visit: Someone is here whom I would speak with...
Equipment: Unlikely to reveal that, until I am dead
Additional information: My contract is nearly complete. The One I seek is near, in the northern section of this city of Stoel called the Grace. I have travelled far, as is my way, and my prey is as good as dead. I will not be remembered here, and that is usualy the case. I Seek, and I find. Spells and a blade of poison do the rest. I may not stay long, but I will enjoy my stay, for my prey is as good as dead.
Sender: Altara the Dark (
Sent: 9/11/2001

Vladenko the Mighty

Appearance: Almost two meters high, wide shoulders and will go even through the wooden wall if needed.
Profession: Gladiator, former slave
Official Reason of Visit: Property of shopkeeper Rene
Real reason of Visit: Property of shopkeeper Rene
Equipment: Vladenko do not carry weapons nor wears armors. However, the lack of weapons and armor does not make him less dangerous.
Additional Information: Vladenko is originally from north. The Red Pirates burned his village and all including Vladenko were captured. Most of the other tribe members were sold to Tilhus as a slave, but a merchant from Stoel, Rene, bought him.
Vladenko is strong and skilled warrior. He does whatever necessary to win fights and usually his opponents are hurt quite badly. The death of the opponent hasn't been a surprise in the hands of Vladenko. The gladiator Vladenko however hurt himself and after a recovery he lost some of his battle fury. To the shopkeeper this knew the loss of money and he pulled him away from the arena. Now Vladenko is the bodyguard and you can find him guarding a shop or person or collecting depts for the some person or collecting depts for some unwilling customers.
Sender: Sami - the game-master ( )

Merric the Trickster

Appearance: Merric dresses to the bright and large clothes. Often he paints his face with bright colors to make himself even more extraordinary looking.
Profession: Officially juggler and entertainer (amateur wizard)
Official Reason of Visit: To entertain in the winter festivals
Real reason of Visit: To pick as many pockets as possible before someone notices. The winter festivals are the annual visits of Merric and Nadia to the Stoel.
Equipment: Many different flags, different color linen, hats, rabbits, painted coins. As the magic wand which can create illusions.
Additional Information: Merric is easy to notice and he can be heard afar. He speaks all the time telling stories to the crowd stories winding all around so the listeners will be slightly confused His best act is to make illusions but he saves those for the special situations. Merric goes with the young girl Nadia who moves among the crowd and picks pockets.
Sender: Red Will


Appearance: Small young woman who dresses like any other young girl.
Profession: The helper of Merric (a high level thief who is specialized for picking pocket)
Official Reason of the Visit: The helper of Merric
Real Reason of the Visit: To pick as many pockets as possible before someone notices.
Equipment: Small sharp knife which is used to break the base of the purses.
Additional Information: Nadia is almost 20-year-old girl .Unlike 'her master' she dresses for common clothes and tries to blend in the crowd. Nadia is quiet and shy. She doesn't dare to look the eyes of people and usually escapes if someone looks at her little longer. Despite her shyness, Nadia is excellent thief. In a few minutes she is able to empty tens of purses.
Sender: Red Will

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