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note.gif (16756 bytes)A figure wearing a dark cloak and hood covering his face arrives to the heroes. He has a long sword on his belt and a glimpse of chain armor can be seen under his cloak. The Heroes rise up and prepare to meet that strange man, perhaps an assassin. The man stops and his hands flashes inside the cloak. The heroes pull their weapons and prepare to face anything. They have swords and daggers ready and the words of spells and prayers on their lips. Time seems to stops when they all wait for their opponents first move. Then the man pulls slowly his hand from the caches of his robe. He has a parchment scroll in his hand.

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The game-master's note: Thank you for all feedback. I try to answer to them all and I will publish it in the Six Blades website it you give your permission. However, I cannot answer to you if you do not add your e-mail address to the message; the send form does not reveal your e-mail! So, if you want personal answer write your e-mail address. You can always approach with alias and without return address and I try to answer your feedback in the web pages. I am pleased to see that my pages have made you happy. Please send more brags and barks, and questions and comments. You find more feedback for the Finnish Feedback page.

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Sender: innocent robert ( )
Recipient: Everyone
I want to be a member of the brotherhood.

Game-master's answer: Welcome to Brotherhood. Now it is yup to you what stories and information you tell in pages about brotherhood and yourself.

Sender: Shebray ( )
Recipient: Everyone
This website is a Googlewhack under perspicacious sambal. Don't know what a Googlewhack is? Look at

Game-master's answer: :)

Sender: Tayyar Ozkan (
Recipient: Everyone
is that a coincidence I have my name there?!

Game-master's answer: I couldn't, however, reach Lorna who used your name in her background. But I suppose that it is just a coincidence. I will notify you when I reach the player.

Sender: Sami - game-master (
Sent: July 14, 2001
Recipient: Everyone
Finally they are ready, the english website. I hope that you send a lot of feedback. Also thanks to all who have helped me to build this site.