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New Traveler >

"No-one arrives to the Stoel by coincidence" is said in Stoel. What is your reason to come in Stoel, dear reader? Send your traveler to Stoel and participate the adventure. Who or what will he or she meet in the streets and alleys of Stoel? Does he meet the great adventuring party, Muppets, or is his destiny to find out how Slashing party handles travelers. The only way to find out is bravely step through the gates!

Message to the Heroes or the Game master >

Is something unclear, do you want to greet the heroes or ask something? The script of the Guild of the Free waits you.

Meet Other Travelers >

A dark figure sneaks carefully in the alleys of Stoel, a merry clown jongleurs with burning torches and the beautiful young maiden picks the crowns pockets. Everyone has his place in the Streets of Stoel. Everyone has his or her story to be told. Meet the colorful travelers the readers have sent.

Meet the Scribe of the Guild of the Free >

Send messages to the heroes, brag and barks to the game master, questions to the adventurers. You find all the messages readers have sent here.