Bardi Magnus "Dam" Harleighin lauluja I


Most Useless Players Pondering Endlessly The Solution

Who is the one who wrote and sang this song
It is I, Dam, bard of many talents
a hero during the darkest hour

Form the west he came, Orion the Chronicler
A tireless power for good, speaks wise words
knowledge and faith are his greatest weapons

I, Dam, Scholar of Love, fighter without remorse told this story
thinks before he acts, strikes with venom at his enemies
The One who is a lover at heart

From the streets of Stoel he came, Morganbach Tval the Wizard
Caster of spells, plenty of charms
Strong in mind, although not in body

I, Dam, their savior, sang this song
So you would know who they are
the ones whose destinies are great

A lady there was, Jack was her name I sing and
Child of music, small in size, huge in heart flute music
Bard like me, fighter tough as anyone and a caster of Arts

I, Dam, the one who is largest of them in size wrote this song
Caster of Arts, user of Crafts
Gentle soul in a vessel called the human body

From the south came Draviga
Ladies and money are his love, unknown is his past
Man of talent, deadly and silent like a bird of prey

I, Dam, the one who came from Daelton composed this song
Nora is my home, the place where my mother died
With sadness I buried her and sang another song

Last, but not least, a woman named Shan
rose from the shadows, came down from the sky
She is one with the shadows and known to all as "pretty lady"

I, Dam, bard of many talents, sang this song
Brought here for a destiny not yet fulfilled
We are the ones called M.U.P.P.E.T.S.

Jannan muistolaulun

I saw her when I opened my eyes.
She was beautiful beyond my imagination.
Her hair was golden, eyes were bright,
her voice was soft yet at times not so gentle.

She taught me about life.
Most that I learned, I learned from her

Life in my youth was filled with joy.
Brothers were tough but she held them at bay.
Her word was law and even Father obeyed.
She wasn't harsh but fair and just.
I did as she asked, never questioned her wishes.

Janna was her name and she was
the most beautiful thing the world had ever seen.

My sisters were kind and Janna kept us all in good health.
Life was grand and Janna made it better.
Her presence was heavenly and her life was full.

All came to an end on an autumn day,
she slept on and woke no more.
I had seen death before but never so close.
It was hard for me to believe that Janna was gone.
None could say why she'd passed away.

I cried for her and wept for the world.
Janna was a loss the world couldn't afford,
but the price was paid and life must so on.

I sing this song so all would hear of
the beauty of Janna that exists no more.
Her memory remains and that is a lot
but memories fade with the passing of time.

This song is for her and for you all to hear,
so that memories could be kept sound for a little more.

The sun was bright as we buried her,
laid her to rest were she sleeps forever.
All of us cried and the world stood still.
My heart kept weeping for years on
and the wound is not totally healed.

Yet sun is again rising and my heart is again starting to feel.
Beauty has once more entered my life and Elena is her name.
The night has passed and around me
are people who I might consider friends.
With them I hope to make the world a better place to live.

Jewel of Stoel

From the first time I entered Stoel
and happened upon the Jewel of Stoel, I was gone.

Ol' Angry was the inn's name but it was a lame name
when one tasted it's drinks and spiced foods.

From the first night I performed there
it's been my home away from home.

Though I never have met a dwarf,
a trustworthy informant has told me that
Ol' Angry is strong enough to make even them jolly!

But the name doesn't only come from the drinks,
but also from the innkeeper whose name is Otto.

A wise man with a loud laugh. A jolly man unless you
cross him in a way or another. Then Ol' Angry doesn't
tell the truth or any part of it. And with his frame Otto can
easily point you to the door or through it if case be so.

But all those things pale in face of the gem that lives in the inn.
A woman of unique beauty, figure to blind a man. Elena is her name,
and Otto's daughter she is. Hair so soft, eyes so charming they take
your breath away. Her voice is touching and her singing equal to the best
of us. Thou she isn't a bard, she is my love.

Saviors of the Prince

This song is about how the MUPPETS saved the Prince

Late one night, MUPPETS were sitting in an inn
whose name is unimportant.
We had a mission to find a thief named Herman
who had stolen something valuable.
While I sat downstairs and sang 'n played my lute once more,
the rest of the MUPPETS were upstairs sleeping away.

Just before I retired to bed, I saw a servant take food to some one outside.
I went to my room and told this to our party.
Shan went downstairs and all was quiet and dark.
She saw a light moving in the stables,
she came back and we all charged to the stables while jack-of -all-trades,
Jack, covered our backs.

Herman was there and as we exited, we saw Jack, jack-of-all-trades,
under attack from eight assasins.
We entered battle and fought them fiercely.
I fought with final one as over ten more were running closer.
The MUPPETS ran and I covered their retreat.
I made my way down to the waterlinewhere the rest were ready to row.
Along the trip Herman told us that the prince and
king were about to bekilled that night.

After gathering information, we went to a gate which led to the bedchamber royale.
But the gate was guarded by four men 'n a wizard.
The wizard cast a slow on us
but Shan and Jack remained unaffected by the spell.
It pains me to say that the ladies really saved the day that time.
Without them, I fear that this song would never have been born.
They slew their opponents but Shan was wounded badly and we had to leave
her behind with a guardian because time for His Highness was running short.

Through the gate we went and entered the castle.
We found His Highness and warned him of the assassins.
As we left through the gate, men entered the bed chamber royale.
On the other end of the magic journey
were men waiting but with our help the prince survived.
After the battle we took Shan with us
and the next day with His Highness's help we cured healed her wounds.


Pieni arvoitus, jolla bardi saa yleisön huomion:

In the middle of
the middle of
the middle
grows a horn!

It's a riddle of
a riddle of
a riddle
-Who is born

with a little white horse body?
a beard just like a goat?
a lion's tail-and hind legs
like a graceful antelope?

a horn that spirals upwards
from the middle of his head
(which begins in white and then turns black
and finally ends up red)?

In the middle of
the middle of
his forehead grows a horn

And the answer to the riddle is

a wondrous unicorn!

An Ode to Stoel

Ja pieni ylistys Stoelin kaupungille

Oh Stoel, oh Stoel,
a city grand and truly free.
Oh Stoel, oh Stoel,
'tis thee I always long to see.
To Stoel, to Stoel,
my heart truly desires to go.

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